drehsitz zitat


"If the breath is restless, the thoughts are restless too,
if the breath calms down, the thoughts calm down as well."




supta padanghusthasana

I like to start my Yoga training and teaching with some simple and yet demanding movements and postures in order to strengthen the centre of the body and to practise alignment in an effortless way. This is the precondition for a good sense of balance both in the standing and in the inverted positions. In this process many muscles are activated, extended and released and so more space, mobility and at the same time stability can be created in the numerous joints of the body. While doing this space and time is given to the breath so that it can gradually unfold and come into its natural and calm rhythm.

The breath, having calmed down and deepened by constant attention, becomes the basis for further practice.


Asana practice, the main part of my training and teaching, allows a harmonious development of flexibility, extension and firmness. By doing the classical asanas and their variations carefully again and again the spine with the core muscles surrounding it are strengthened and aligned in the centre of the body and so liberated.
The Yoga postures are built up step by step and varied in such a way that they can be adjusted to the individual needs and possibilities of the practitioner. Particular attention is paid to the optimal alignment and placement of the areas of the body towards one another in the various positions. Upright postures, forward and back bends, side bends and twistings in standing, sitting, kneeling, lying and on all fours are practised in a balanced way just as dynamic sequences of movements, restorative and inverted poses. Regular practice in this way may improve or even enable to get rid of postural problems, which are often the cause of tensions and pain in the back or in the neck.

Props like walls, blocks, chairs, cushions and other objects are used in various ways to open and support certain areas of the body or the whole of it. Props often allow a deeper letting go and bring relief in handicaps too.

Regular and attentive practice of the asanas centers down, improves outer and inner balance and leads to psychophysical wellbeing.

Pranayamas (special exercises of prolonging, holding and refining the breath) deepen inner quietude and allow us to come in touch with the essence of our being - the "atman".

For me Yoga is a way both of calming down and of celebrating life. It is a great gift for mankind and I am glad I may take part in passing on this gift.